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Information and data have become a precious “resource” in every aspect of contemporary life. Information exchange contributes to many aspects of the global economy, such as through business development, customer care, state management, etc. From business know-how and trade secrets to customer information and personal data, the possession of valuable information brings advantages to those who possess it. This has led to the massive, frequent and widespread dissemination of such information.

With the increase of the global cyber population, cyberspace is becoming a go-to environment for unauthorized personal information exchange or worse, cybercrime. Discerning this practice, regulators in Viet Nam have been putting non-stop effort into the formation of consolidated data protection legislation. While business know-hows and trade secrets are protected under the intellectual property (IP) regulations, the legal framework for managing and protecting the exchange of personal information is now ‘updated’ by the enactment of Decree No. 13/2023/ND-CP of the GOV, meeting the need to unify data protection regulations in Vietnam in order to catch up with the rapidly-changing data environment.

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