Indochine Counsel’s contributions to August issues of Entrepreneur and Law

24 - 08 - 2010

For this August 2010, Indochine Counsel contributes two articles and one interview to Doanh Nhan & Phap Luat (Entrepreneur and Law), one of the most read magazines by the local business circle.

  • Authorization and sub-authorization is Partner Bui Ngoc Hong's discussion on the practice of authorization and sub-authorization in the business context. Representative authorization is one of the factors deciding the validity of contracts. Busy CEOs being a company's legal representative will find the article useful in that it clarifies and suggests the ways to meet, the legal requirements on representative authorization. The article also tells the difference between (sub-)authorization and transfer of rights and obligations.
  • Payment in an M &A deal- When is completion complete? is Partner Bui Ngoc Hong's discussion on the unrealistic requirement of the law on the completion timing for an M&A deal. The lawyer also suggests and asks for recognition of payment via escrow account as acceptable evidence for "completion" so as to register for the deal at the licensing authority.|
  • Get your brands registered ASAP for better protection is Partner Nguyen Thi Hong Anh's interview with the magazine's reporter Le Tan. Money given first (for trade name registration) is a wise use. In the context of international integration, a trade name is too vulnerable to IP violations, but when protected will become very powerful to a company's in penetrating the world's market.
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