The confidentiality of information is of vital importance to our clients. It is important to understand the nature of that confidentiality and how it applies to lawyers in Vietnam.

Under Vietnamese law, lawyers may only disclose information communicated to them by a client in three limited instances. First, they may disclose such information if permitted, in writing, to do so by the client. Second, they must report any information given to them by the client if such information may be used in the perpetration of a crime. Third, lawyers may disclose information if ordered to do so by a court or by an organ of the state.

Indochine Counsel takes client confidentiality very seriously. We have instructed all of our lawyers and support staff of the importance of keeping client information confidential. We will only disclose your information in the situations outlined above, and even then we will make every effort to notify you before making such a disclosure.

Sometimes, after a deal has been successfully completed, Indochine Counsel will request permission to publicize the deal in order to promote our services. We will only do so if given permission by your appointed representatives prior to issuing a press release.

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